7 Tips On How To Start Drawing

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Drawing has been one of the integral parts of our culture that reflects both the ancient times and the nature.

But, it does not mean that anyone can take a pen or a pencil and start drawing anything in a professional way. For either path you choose, i.e. just for fun or intend to become a professional, learning the basics is integral.

Where some gives up calling it an impossible task, others think of learning it desperately. When it comes to learning of drawing people, again it is crucial to learn the fundamentals of drawing in order to manage drawing of portraits well.

“Practicing the shape of nature including circle, cylinder, cube and triangle is the basics of drawing

So are you looking forward to learn to draw competently? Below are some of the useful techniques that can help you get faster results:

1. What is your "why"?

The first and the foremost tip that we offer is gaining understanding about why you intend to learn drawing? Once you have a reason, the level of motivation in you in comparison to any other artist (doing for fun) would be high. This is a need in order to develop your very own unique style.

Artist At Work Generating Ideas

2. Set up you work space.

Secondly making a space, i.e. setting up the space within your home. You’d require a fresh mind and of course the environment that would assist you in gaining a healthy learning experience.  

3. Make it simple

For those who are at the stage of how to start drawing should ensure starting off with the simplest picture. We believe that the quality of drawing does not come so quickly. But, they says “practice makes it perfect”.

Drawing Simple Shapes Drawing For Beginners

Taking daily challenges may assist one in prompt learning. This usually happens in communities at various social media networks.

4. Get your tools

If you are much willing about how to learn drawing, you’ll surely need to add two efficient skills that includes the ability to see and hold the key equipment of learning to draw, i.e. pencil. The key equipment here means getting the right tools for two purposes including; having the right job done and secondly enjoying it as a great motivator.

Best Faber Castell Drawing Sets

You would need a number of grades to start with, so it will be a good idea to get a starter drawing set.

5. Boring stuff comes first, creativity - second

Keep in mind that drawing professionally has nothing to do with your fantasy and creativity. The basics include mastering all the representation techniques, learning the ability to present properly all the shapes, proportions, perspectives and lights.

Art Classes Online Art Classes Learn How To Draw

One another thing is the use of quality equipment that can be achieved from any popular art store including. The brush work comes a bit later, but is a need.


6. Get professional help

The best and easier way to start drawing is to get the knowledge from the ones, who knows it all already. Here comes a number of options available for you out there, such as books, online classes and tutorials, blogs and youtube videos.



 Along with greater ideas, one can also get to know the process that initiates from the easiest pictures in the beginning and then reaching the complicated ones.

7. Set up goals

As a beginner, comparing yourself with the other artist may hurt you from time to time. Maybe, they’ve been doing the task for years and have given greater number of hours to practice it. Greater time and greater efforts always show it’s inspirational result.

No matter if you admire the basics of calligraphy or intend to draw people, all that you may require would be the ability to achieve the goal and of course those

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It can be quite frustrating when picking up the best learning resource for drawing, so we quite recommend to also check out this drawing course review.

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